Cafleurebon article on Dasein perfumer Sam Rader


"I was vacationing with my fiancée in Big Sur and was overcome by the medley of saltwater, lilac blossoms, sagebrush, chimney smoke, pine, wet pavement and Deetjen’s peach roses in the air.  As I hungrily sniffed at the breeze I said, “I want to do this!  I want to blend these things together and bottle them!”  And so my life as an actual perfumer was born..."

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Feelin the love in Australia

The beautiful seaside boutique Grey & Felt in TASMANIA (!) has sold out of Dasein's WINTER unisex fragrance for the 3rd time!  This last batch was internationally smuggled by our perfume mule, dear friend and favorite Aussie musician Ben Lee.  Check out his album called Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work.  It's one of our secret pleasures.  

Dreamy: Dream Collective

winter unisex fragrance at dream collective

Dasein has the dreamiest news...We were officially welcomed into the Dream Collective family this week, made official by the above post on instagram.  Jewelry and bag designer Kathryn Bentley has been an inspiration and style icon for Dasein and it means a great deal to grace the shelves of her magical store in Silver Lake.  Stop in and check out her mouthwatering gems in earthy metal settings.  Tribal princess wear.

SPRING Echo Park Craft Fair 2014

Dasein's SPRING unisex fragrance at the echo park craft fair

The spring Echo Park Craft Fair has been a whirlwind of beauty and magic.  Thanks to all who welcomed SPRING unisex fragrance so warmly...we nearly sold out!  In the process we discovered that we LOVE the way SPRING smells on men--their skin seems to bring out the sandalwood and black pepper, where on women the florals and vetiver grass seem to come to the fore.

SPRING has sprung

SPRING unisex fragrance sample

Jumping, leaping, springing for joy at Dasein headquarters...we just bottled our first batch of SPRING unisex fragrance samples to sell at the Echo Park Craft Fair this weekend (May 10th and 11th).  SPRING samples are also now available for sale on our 'Shop' tab.

SPRING is electric chartreuse on soft pink, in an ombre dream.  Bright vetiver grass and yuzu citrus swirl with tender violet and rose petals, afloat in creamy sandalwood.

This blend evokes a sunny spring morning with a gentle breeze carrying the scent of wet earth, budding flowers and green things to your cute little nose.  Prepare to be sprung.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.43.21 AM.png

Today WINTER unisex fragrance was featured on Lori Langille's gorgeous blog AUTOMATISM.

In the post Lori said, "I loved the top notes of fresh pine and spruce, which then gradually melted away to bottom notes of lavender that (on me, anyway) had an intriguing rich sweetness reminiscent of vanilla..." 

Check out some of the lustworthy interiors featured in the AUTOMATISM.  We want to go to there.


april lee.png

One of our oldest and dearest friends, April Lee, was featured on the website today in a new video series called 'My Life in Vogue'.  April is a curator and the head of the education department at the Dia Beacon.  She is also a perfect petal.

As part of the 'My Life in Vogue' project, April shares items on her shopping list for spring, and Dasein is in the lineup!  Thank you, petal friend.

Makers Video Shoot

Our favorite Atwater Village boutique, Individual Medley, asked Dasein to participate in their 'Makers Video' which shot today at Wade and The Social studios.  Produced by Shark Pig, the Makers Video will feature local artists who sell their wares at Individual Medley dancing around, having a blast, and showing off their products.  Look for the girl in a yoga pose holding a WINTER unisex fragrance bottle.  That would be me.

Blending SPRING unisex fragrance


Today we got to work blending SPRING unisex fragrance with notes of vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, yuzu and black pepper.  The main note is vetiver, which is a grass that grows in South Asia and South America.  Vetiver smells like fresh soil, green things, a smidge of blood orange, and rose petals all crushed together.  It's basically like sticking your face in a delicious, sensuous, grassy clod of dirt on a spring morning.  It's one of our favorite smells of all time.  We're using sandalwood to soften and ground the vetiver, and adding rose and violet to give it a sweetness and lift.  Yuzu, which is a Japanese citrus fruit (think: yuzu paste on sushi), brightens the blend and brings it into focus.  Finally black pepper gives a textural sprinkle of spicy earth on top, which compliments the vetiver core.  


Winter unisex fragrance at tenoversix

Today we were officially welcomed into the uber chic TENOVERSIX family.  Check out their stores in LA and Dallas, and their killer blog on their website:  Dasein's WINTER unisex fragrance is being carried in their LA store, and today they posted about us on Instagram (see above pic), saying "Need a new scent for the new year?  #TenoversixLA just received WINTER by @DaseinFragrance and we're in LOVE!  This unisex fragrance has notes of blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine and French lavender and I'm serious when I say that I'm wearing it right now!!" 

The Perfect Rose


Today we sniffed through our entire collection of aroma molecules, essential oils, co2 extractions and absolutes to find all the notes we want to include in Dasein's upcoming SPRING unisex fragrance.  We settled on: vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, yuzu and black pepper.  

So the next task was to find the best vetiver(s) to use for the blend (we have eight varieties in our collection), and to find the a rose scent to compliment the vetiver.  The picture above depicts the finalists for the perfect rose.