Echo Park Craft Fair: Day 1

WINTER unisex fragrance at the Echo Park Craft Fair

Today we shared a table at the Echo Park Craft Fair ( with our dear friend Lara May Myerratken, who does incredible paintings of gems, using mineral watercolor paints and gemstone soaked water (  All of our fellow vendors were incredibly kind, and the gorgeous organizers (Beatrice Valenzuela and Rachel Craven) created a perfectly curated, sublime event.

We purchased many magical things today including a petal skirt from Kieley Kimmel, a gold flake earring from Kathleen Whitaker, a silk caftan from Cheyann Benedict, a delicious kale salad for lunch from Cookbook, a magical discus pipe from Sebastian Boher, and killer winter floral arrangements from Moon Canyon Design.

WINTER unisex fragrance bottles were going like hotcakes today, and we completely sold out of WINTER sample vials!!  We will have to make a new batch tonight for the big day tomorrow.  We are worn out but glowing.

Thank you Nami for your hard work, and for collecting all the plants and flowers we used for the display!