Echo Park Craft Fair: Day 2

What an incredibly cathartic experience.  Lara and I both completely SOLD OUT of all merchandise.  The whole weekend was a whirlwind of love, inspiration, ease and abundance.  

We also got to meet Hall Newbegin of Juniper Ridge, a brand of wildcrafted all natural soaps and scents.  The Juniper Ridge folks were steam distilling local leaves and nettles that they found on the streets of silverlake, in a truck right outside the entrance to the fair.  The smell was heavenly.  We love their work!

Thank you to all friends who came to visit, and thank you to all new friends of Dasein!  Much gratitude also to the incredible organizers Beatrice and Rachel, and to Kellie for your support and salesmanship.

The enthusiasm that the eastside community has shown this weekend for WINTER unisex fragrance has been overwhelming and soul-quenching.  We will sleep like babies tonight and dream of petals.