Second Batch

WINTER fragrance batch 2

Blended our second batch of WINTER unisex fragrance tonight in our kitchen with awesome friends of Dasein--Alex, Kellie, Sarah and Tygh.  Our fist batch of 100 bottles sold out in 2.5 weeks!  Go team.  To keep our spirits high for the blending party, we ate pizza, blasted the new Beyonce record (Partition, anyone???  Hottest song ever) and got er done in just 4 hours.  Which was half the time it took for our first blend when it was just two of us.  Now whole house is perfumed with the essence of WINTER, and we are feeling the holiday spirit coming on...Gotta ship to our NY stores and do a major drop off around LA tomorrow so that WINTER unisex fragrance fans can buy stocking stuffers for the big day.