Blending SPRING unisex fragrance


Today we got to work blending SPRING unisex fragrance with notes of vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, yuzu and black pepper.  The main note is vetiver, which is a grass that grows in South Asia and South America.  Vetiver smells like fresh soil, green things, a smidge of blood orange, and rose petals all crushed together.  It's basically like sticking your face in a delicious, sensuous, grassy clod of dirt on a spring morning.  It's one of our favorite smells of all time.  We're using sandalwood to soften and ground the vetiver, and adding rose and violet to give it a sweetness and lift.  Yuzu, which is a Japanese citrus fruit (think: yuzu paste on sushi), brightens the blend and brings it into focus.  Finally black pepper gives a textural sprinkle of spicy earth on top, which compliments the vetiver core.